Use Cucumber Juice for Skin & Hair & Spot the Stunning Difference

Are the chemical ingredients affecting your skin and hair? Ever wondered of using a natural ingredient that can solve your issue? Cucumber juice is one of the natural ingredients which are effective for our health as well as useful for the skin and hair.

The different ways in which the cucumber juice can be beneficial for our skin and hair include:

  • Used for removing tan: the darkened skin due to the sun can be treated with the cucumber juice. All you need to do is apply the juice on your face and wash it off after 15 minutes.
  • Used in refreshing the skin: the refresh and revitalize the skin cucumber juice is used. Mix the cucumber with yogurt, aloe vera, honey and lime juice. Apply the mix over your face and let it dry. After this rinse your face with lukewarm water. This surely helps to refresh the skin.
  • Treat heat bumps: cucumber juice is even effective in treating the heat bumps all you need to do is apply the affected area with it. One can even use apple cider with it to have smooth skin.
  • Removes the dark circles and treats blemishes. Soak some cucumber juice in cotton and apply it on your dark circles to get rid of them. The blemishes of the skin can be removed by using the cucumber juice with some oatmeal. The mix can be applied for 20 minutes and removed using water. This prevents blemishes.
  • Reduce hair fall: one can either drink a glass of water or apply the cucumber juice for preventing the hair fall. All that you need to do is massage the juice in your hair and wash it after an hour with some shampoo and conditioner.
  • Shiny hair: one can get shiny hair with the cucumber juice. Just follow the same regime to massage the hair with the juice and rinsing it after an hour followed by shampoo and conditioner.


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