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Hello Friends, Today my post is about Suhani Whitening Serum And Caspules(Combo Pack). We all knows there are lot of products in the market who claims that their whitening product is effective and
natural, ayurvedic etc. These days I have seen Suhani Whitening Serum and Capsules advertisement on Facebook. So 15 days before I brought this Serum and Capsules for me and I got this Serum from
Suhani Website very easily. I have been using this Serum from last 15 days and after using it for 15 days Today I ready with Suhani Combo Pack’s review so let move on and check Suhani Combo Pack’s

I love using 100% Natural products. In this world of chemical Products, this type of Natural Serum + Capsules gives feeling like a relief. Natural remedies have been recommended for ages to make the skin
beautiful. To suit the modern women, these remedies have been converted into easy to use skin creams. And this Suhani Whitening Serum is one of them so lets check more about it.

Direction to use :
Serum: Rub forcefully on face in circular motion till it disappears completely from the face. For best result take the quantity your face absorbs. Apply in morning and nights.
Capsule: One Capsule twice a day after meal.

IngredientsIngredients :
Serum Active Ingredients: Alpha Arbutin 8%, Kojic Acid (D) 4%, Mulberry Extract (Morus Alba) 2%, Octinoxate, Vitamin E Acetate.

Each HPMC Capsule Contains:

  • Delbergia Sissoo (Bark) BH.P 81 mg
  • Agle Marmelos (Fruit) BH.P 45 mg
  • Tecomela Undulata (Bark) BH.P 72 mg
  • Cassia Tora (Seed) BH.P 54 mg
  • Mesua Ferrea (Root) BH.P 45 mg
  • Aquilaria Agalocha (Wood) BH.P 63 mg



Serum Colour: White
Capsule Color: Dark Brown

My Experience with Suhani Whitening Serum and Capsules

Suhani Whitening Serum comes in a White long bottle with transparent cap and Capsules in White bottle. Its a totally travel friendly Package. Serum has a white color and it has great consistency not so runny or not so thick. It smells so good, this smell is not overpowering at all. Suhani Whitening Serum spreads evenly on the skin. Within seconds it get absorb in to the skin.Suhani Cream is really easy to use.
Twice a day I use this cream. Once at morning after cleansing my face and once at night before going to a bed. Also I took one capsules twice a day after meal as indicated on the bottle.

After applying this Serum on face my face looks so fresh and soft. Every time I noticed that my skin texture is improving than before. Even I have seen difference on my complexion. Now My face looks 2 tone fairer than before. Just remember to apply it regularly twice a day.

Even I noticed that combination of serum and capsules works great on pimples as well as pimples mark. Regular use of it makes skin’s blemishes vanish withing 1 month. Its a really good to use on daily
basis. This serum has a great natural ingredients list like Alpha Arbutin, Kojic Acid (D), Mulberry Extract (Morus Alba), Octinoxate, Vitamin E Acetate. All ingredients works great for a proper skin care. Suhani Serum suits me very well and I have not seen any type of reaction till yet.

Suhani Serum is a really promising product to have. I am so amazed with its great results on me. I would love to recommended it to all who wants affordable as well as promising product for pimple and its

Good about Roop Mantra Ayurvedic Cream

  • Travel Friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Improves skin texture
  • Gives 2 tone fairer skin
  • Works on pimple and its marks
  • Lots of great and natural ingredients
  • Perfect for oily skin
  • Makes skin looks fresh and soft
  • Nourishes skin
  • Gives matte effect
  • Chemical free cream

Price: Price of Suhani Whitening Combo Pack is Rs. 3000/-. But Company offers Flat 65% Discount on First order and the discounted price is Rs. 999/-

Availability: If you want order Suhani, just visit their website at and Order Suhani Combo Pack Online.




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