Are you tanned, pigmented and frustrated? We all are or have been at some point in life. We ain’t God ourselves and cannot bring forth or assure miraculous change to our skin overnight. But we surely can take advise from others.

The best way to take care of our skin is to opt for sunscreen and let it take the responsibility of the well being of your skin. The hype about sunscreen is legit as it not only keeps tanning at bay but also protects your skin against harmful ultraviolet rays.

Sunscreen comes in varied shades, sizes and textures. You need not only to just pick the sunscreen but also narrow down your choices, filter and make the best buy for your skin.

Engage in range

When you step out in the sun, you surely need sunscreens to take responsibility for your skin. Sunscreens have various SPFs, ranging from 15++ to even 70++. Make your choice in accordance with your lifestyle choices. Are you the individual who generally have to be out in the scorching heat for the most part of the day? If it is so then SPF 50++ or more is your choice. Even if you do not spend the maximum part of your day, out enjoying in the sun, you need sunscreen as well. It is best for you to choose from the above 25++ range.

Let your skin talk

Choose your sunscreen based on the type of your skin. Hear what your skin has to say. Just like you patiently (or impatiently) listen to your mama speaking and know that she is always right. Your skin always knows what is best for you.

Oily skin

If your skin has always complained about the excess sebum production. Listen to it at least now. Opt for a gel or water-based sunscreen. It will not make your skin more oily, have a cooling and soothing effect and even provide a matte look.

Normal skin

Since your skin has always been neither oily nor dry, been good all the time, you do not worry about your sunscreen. You can choose the lotion based sunscreen, providing the perfect moisturising and nourishing.

Dry skin

Have your skin always been excessively dry, sensitive, patchy and producing barely any sebum.? You now surely need to listen to your skin, opt for heavy moisturising, heavy and thick sunscreen, hydrating your parched skin and nourishing it.

Sunscreens in all kinds

Aah, do not worry, if you are the one who is always on the run and barely have time for sunscreen followed by your makeup, relax.  Most makeup also has an SPF, be it 20-25 and also provide UV protection. Sunscreens even come in all kinds, from sunscreen powders, loose and pressed both, compact powders, lotions and there are even sunblocks for hypersensitive and hypoallergic skin.

Make a choice, splurge and buy yourself the necessary skin care protection that your skin had always yearned for. Protect yourself from sun’s glaringly rays and pay attention to what demands your skin makes.


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